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Make your house a no-termite zone

Termites can live in your house pretty much unnoticed, damaging its structural integrity by chewing on wood. Mud tubes are likely the most obvious signs of termite infestation. By burrowing through soil, they look to find a way in. The tubes are normally made from mud and will be about the size of a pencil. Wood damage is the last sign of termite damage usually noticed. Termites also leave traces of wood as they chew. You will then see small files of powder. If you any or all of these, call us immediately. Same day service available.

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A Apache Animal & Pest Service

A Apache Animal and Pest Services has years of experience
in identifying and addressing any structural damage caused by any type of pest or insect. Call today for a consultation with an expert.


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We also repair any structural damage done by these pests

Whether you have an animal or insect infestation living in your home, either in your basement, attic, fireplace, behind a wall, or anywhere, we will determine the point of entry, address the problem and repair the structural damage.

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